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Medical ultrasonography (sonography) is an ultrasound-based diagnostic imaging technique used to visualize muscles and internal organs, their size, structures and possible p

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How to Prepare

Abdominal Ultrasound

Morning Appointment :

Nothing to eat after 8pm the night before (no milk or dairy products)

Afternoon Appointment :

Nothing to eat at least 6 hours before exam (Fat free diet) You may eat for breakfast dry toast, black tea, black coffee, juice upto 9.00 AM But nothing after that.


Pelvis or Obstetrical

  • rink 5 large glasses of water before your appointment (32 – 40 Oz).
  • This may include coffee, tea, juice or water.
  • Stop drinking 1 hour before the test.
  • Do not go to the washroom
  • You must have an adequately fill bladder for this examination. You may eat regularly.


Transvaginal, Echocardiography(Heart), Thyroid, Doppler(Vascular), Musculoskeletal, and Breast Ultrasound

  • No preparation is necessary


Transrectal Ultrasound

  • Fleet enema 2 hours before the exam (Please read instructions on package)